About Us

“Ideal Society Nepal” (ISN), or ‘Adarsa Samaj Nepal’ in Nepali, is a nonprofit making and non- Governmental organization, working in the field of vulnerable/disengaged youth in Nepal. The organization is dedicated to building their physical, mental, moral & employment capacities and together raising awareness for basic health care, safety & security, social reforms, unity, personal development and environment protection. It is a legally  accredited organization and is affiliated to the National Social Welfare Council Office of Nepal. It is established in 17th Oct, 2012 in Kirtipur municipality, Ward No. 4, Kathmandu, Nepal.


  • To provide training to the vulnerable/disengaged youth to building their capacities by developing their physical, mental and moral status.
  • To building their capacities by providing vocational / income generating training for skills and employment.
  • To boost their morale & motivate them to develop their level of  discipline, self esteem, will power, and enthusiasm.
  • To teach them to perform the duties and responsibilities well at home and in their communities.
  • To raise awareness for basic healthcare, safety & security, environment protection, unity and social reforms.


  • To make the youth healthy, fit for every role, laborious, disciplined, high morale, optimistic, responsible and self sustained.


  • Healthy, Peaceful and Prosperous life for the entire human race.


  • Building capacities and raising awareness.


Founding members:

Chairman: Mr Pradhumna Rawal

Vice Chairman: Mrs Sangeeta Adhikari Rawal


Other members: