What we do


The organization organizes 3-6 months long training project and conducts training to building physical, mental, moral & employment capacities of the vulnerable youth mainly the women & girls in Nepal. Mostly, 2-3 training projects are organized in a fiscal year depending on the duration & nature of the training.. The organization organizes various skill development training in collaboration with government & non government agencies. The Physical, mental &moral development training are provided by the trainers of this organization while awareness classes are taken by the experts of various agencies voluntarily.The organization is committed to make them healthy, fit for every role, disciplined, high morale, optimistic, laborious, and skilled on completion of training. The training classes are undertaken the whole days of the week except on Saturday. The trainees are provided with skill development training from 10 AM to 2 PM and similarly, they are provided either physical development training or mental/moral development training or awareness classes from 2 PM to 4:30 PM. Once they accomplished the training, the organization arranges jobs for them as per their skills or provides necessary guidance/assistance to them for the further progress. In such a way, the organization has been working to achieve its sacred goals since its inception..

As the youth are being pillars and leaders of the communities, the whole fortune of the same rely on them. Sustainable development, unity, equality, social harmony, peace and prosperity can be imagined only when the youth of the communities are highly capable. Keeping this necessity in view, the organization has been working in the field of vulnerable youth in Nepal since its inception in 2013.

Subject matters to be taught during training project :

  •  Building capacities:


  •   Raising awareness:

Raisng awarness programes